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In an effort to keep the public informed, we will be posting frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers. If you have a question, please use the form below.


What are the project’s goals?
The goals of the project are to preserve the West Heating Plant to the extent possible, revitalize a blighted and contaminated site and create a world-class project including a public park and pedestrian bridge allowing residents access to the Rock Creek waterfront and a connection to Rock Creek Park.
What is the schedule for the project?
The entitlement process is expected to take approximately two years and demolition and construction another 2 years so 4 years total assuming a successful entitlement process.
What does the entitlement process entail?
There are two processes that must be completed: the historic review process and the zoning process. The historic review process is mandated by the Historic Landmark and Historic District Protection Act of 1978 and The Old Georgetown Act and the Shipstead-Luce Act confers approval to the building’s design. The zoning process is known as a “PUD” (Planned Unit Development) and confers approval of a site’s zoning and building controls such as a building’s height and bulk.
Will the park be public?
How will the park be maintained?
The condominium association will maintain the park.
Will the pedestrian bridge be public?
Yes. The pedestrian bridge will be built on National Park Service property.
Why does the project need to go through a historic review process?
The West Heating Plant was built in 1948 and, as such, is considered “contributing” to the Georgetown Historic District per the Old Georgetown Act of 1950 and Historic Landmark and Historic District Protection Act of 1978.
What are the project’s amenities?
The project offers numerous amenities to the community: a one-acre public park, the reconstruction of the seawall along Rock Creek to allow access to Rock Creek, and a new pedestrian and cycling bridge spanning Rock Creek. The bridge will provide a direction connection between Rock Creek Park and Georgetown Waterfront Park.
How will the project affect traffic?
The development team understands that traffic is a major concern for the community, and the team believes that the traffic impact from the project will be minimal. The team will commission a formal traffic study as part of the Planned Unit Development (PUD) zoning process. The study will be reviewed with all stakeholders, including the community.

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